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  • Project One

    Purpose of TutorialGate

    Tutorial Gate is an online tutoring (cramming) school for all levels of education...

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Advantages of Tutorial Gate

  • Better quality teaching

    According to international research, teaching by distance can be up to 20% more effective and profitable than the conventional teaching, with the use of the adequate educational programs.

  • Cheaper tuition fees

    Tuition fees are much lower than conventional tutoring schools, hence promoting equality in education.

  • Choose your teacher

    In Tutorial Gate the possibility to choose the teacher in every course, leads to greater efficiency.

  • Free participation in educational programs

    Tutorial Gate's students, with their teacher's guidance, have the possibility to join educational programs and contests for free, in order to develop their creativity and skills.

  • More intensive progress check

    Through the online platform it is made possible to better check the performance of the student by the parent.

  • Fully-controlled learning environment

    With the use of educational systems the teacher has total control of the classroom, inclass communication is monitored by the teacher himself.

  • Class recording

    Every class in Tutorial Gate is recorded, so that the student to watch it again any time they want.

  • Interactive tests

    Students have the possibility to practice by taking interactive tests, whenever they want through the educational platform.



Distance learning method can be divided in synchronous and asynchronous.


Synchronous distance learning is the process in which both teaching and
learning occur at the same time. The teacher is teaching the class live online and the student,
even if he is in a different place, is watching the class at the same time.



 In asynchronous teaching by distance the student has the ability to watch the class, solving homework and tests, any time he wants.


Combining these two methods online tutoring school Tutorial Gate offers
an even more complete and efficient process of learning by the student.

It is important to be mentioned that with the right use of the technological educational tools, distance learning, can be up to 20% more efficient than the conventional one.


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